7 Women Reveal Why They Love Cheating On Their Husbands


Women cheat too, that’s correct. Men have been stereotyped as the cheating members of the society. Men have been often associated with the bad image that only they are philanderers; though, not to say men don’t cheat. But, it’s not exclusively men who cheat. Like men, women have urges too and they sometimes give into them. This is not to say anything about a particular gender. These are just primal carnal instincts. You might be surprised to know why some women cheated.

Research has found that due to the increasing role of woman in the workplace, a new and different paradigm has been created where women feel more empowered and responsible. This also leads to change in their expectations from their partners when it comes to love and intimacy.

When partners don’t talk about the problems, issues and tensions in a relationship which may arise and often do arise due to the difference in expectations, it leads to disconnectedness and lack of satisfaction which give rise to apathy which results in partners seeking what they want from outside.

When women feel that they are not being emotionally and mentally valued, supported and admired, or that they can’t have fun and excitement with their partner, or that they are not the priority of their partner, these things can lead to external affairs.

Often, women look for something that they are not getting from the relationship, which is more often than not, emotional support. Women tend to also be attracted more to a partner who is smarter, stronger, protective, available, educated and understanding than their current committed partner.

Before you make an enemy of the fairer sex, it is important to also mention that women are also much more forgiving when men cheat. Men, on the other hand, have a hard time forgiving such betray of trust.

Here are the stories of a few women who told why they cheated…