8 women Confess About Their Scandalous Lesbian Experience


Our life could have been so easy and happy if society accepted us the way we are but since they don’t, we have to pretend and hide. Life gets complicated. It’s easy to hide for some time, but you can’t hide it forever. The reason is that we need to hide or else society will hate us forever.

Here are some lesbian experiences of women who too had to hide and pretend to be someone they weren’t.

1. The Roommate


“I was in love with one of my classmates and we both were planning to live together. But she was very desperate and one day she wanted to kiss me. I told her to control till we start living together or else we would be in jail. But “living together” is like a dream since my parents are worried about me getting married with a boy soon. They have no idea what I am planning. They’re in for a big surprise!”