Why Facebook, SnapChat and Other Apps Asked To Be Updated Even When There Are No New Features

The question many people ask when they constantly see those update app notifications on their phones.

app update graphic

This post will tell you what you probably already know and/ or have read somewhere. But, not for nothing, consider this a revision of an already well known fact or just as a reminder.

Ever since the evolution of the device we call a cell phone from a simple candy bar shaped contraption into a mini computer that fits right in our pockets with the capabilities to access the internet on the go, watching all sorts of entertainment media, reading articles from your favorite websites, & whole a lot of apps that give you the benefit of numerous utilities like Uber, Lyft, Ola (Ride Hailing Apps), Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp, etc. (Social Media Apps) and enough to go on about till you fall asleep just reading these magnificent features.

To quote the famous the dialogue from Marvel’s Spider-man, “With Great Powers, Come Great Responsibilities”; similarly with these great apps also comes the responsibility to keep them up to date and tip-top.

While, this is simple for us consumers, because in order to update an app, all we have to do is simply press the update buttons on our phones and give them permission to update but it is not so simple for the app vendors because they have to regularly update the already written lines of code which are already written with great care and future foresight in mind.

These are some of the possible and reasonable reasons why these apps have to be updated regularly:-

1. Apps are after all pieces of software that have to regularly fortified against unforeseeable threats.

2. Sometimes, these apps have bugs in them which need to be removed and/ or fixed. Bugs are those lines of codes which have some error in them due to which they either don’t work or they function erratically.

3. When first released, some apps take more space than they are expected or supposed to. In order to fix this problem of taking extra space needs to be solved which the hardworking programmers at these companies make sure to do.

4. Some updates seemingly don’t add any cosmetic changes, i.e. changes in appearance on the outside of the app but they do help optimize the internal workings of the app in order to ensure they don’t crash unexpectedly.

5. A lot of times, white hat hackers inform the app developers on some shortcomings of the app which then are fixed by the developers.

The above mentioned points are just some of the few reasons why apps asked to be updated on a regular basis even when there are no cosmetic changes to please the person downloading the app.

Hope this helped in answering this question which a lot of people sometimes ask, well, not ask, but think about it for a mere second or two when they see the app updating permission notification.