Tips & Tricks To Help You Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life

iPhone Battery Power Bar

Our phones have become an integral part of our daily lives; with the ability to do a number of things, our phones are perhaps the only devices that have evolved as much as we did to become humans from apes (See: Theory of Evolution; just kidding).

Phones perform so many tasks, take for example the following:-

1. They have replaced Phonebooks, Calendars, Calculators, Digital Cameras, Video Recorders, Flash lights, GPS, etc.

2. They come with capability to install a whole bunch of apps.

3. They provide us with the power of internet on the go.

4. For many casual gamers, they are just the right amount of money vs. utility.

5. Play music and movies and read books and documents.

The list could go on and go and it will only expand with time and advancing technology.

And, help us do so many things and all that power in such a small package that fits right into our pockets. Still we panic and complain that they drain their charge too quick. Well, it is only fair that they rest up too after performing a whole host of features throughout their power on cycle.

Though, phones do need the stored charge in the batteries to do all that we require, it is still possible to make them last longer. It is possible to extend their phone battery life by adopting by a few simple techniques that cut down on the power requirement of phones.

Beneath are some of the many possible ways to save and extend your phone battery:-

1. Close apps not in use; these may be background apps that run automatically or started by the user.

2. Switch off wifi, Bluetooth and/ or cellular data when not required.

3. Put the phone in airplane/ flight mode when not expecting calls and communications antennae aren’t required as they take up a lot juice out of your phone battery.

4. Decrease the brightness of your phone when not required and/ or operating on low brightness is manageable and possible.

5. When you need to charge your phone quickly, decrease brightness and put the phone in airplane/ flight mode.

6. Delete apps that you don’t use and regularly update apps you use as apps are optimized with each release.

7. Plug earphones in when listening to any audio or watching videos if possible and speakers drain more battery in comparison to earphones.

8. Charge your regularly and make the phone battery doesn’t drain to the last bit as complete drainage of phone battery affects its ability to hold charge in the long run.

9. If possible eliminate calling/ talking on the phone while charging as this also affects the phone battery in the long run.

10. Keep a simple wallpaper (one that doesn’t move and isn’t too bright) and cut down on the number of home screens/ widgets, etc.

These are just a few of the many possible ways to help increase your phone battery life and if all this still doesn’t help. Maybe, buying a power bank or an extra (larger/ extended) battery might help.

Tell us if this article was helpful to you in extending and improving your phones’ battery.