Signs That She is Looking For a Casual Physical Relationship


While it is usually men who seem to adopt casual relationships more comfortably, women aren’t much far behind. It is men, who are often uncomfortable with the level of commitment women are looking for.

If men are looking for someone to spend their lives with, it is not an issue. But, if they just want a casual physical relationship, they have to be careful or somebody can get hurt. Whereas, it is generally presumed that if a women is looking for relationship, she must be looking for long term commitment. While this may be the popular perception, and it may be true on most occasions but this is not always the case.

But how to tell what a woman wants without offending her? You don’t want to mistakenly reject her when she is hinting for a one night stand which you mistook for signals of a serious relationship. Certainly, you would not wan to miss out on such an opportunity.

While there is no sure way of telling what a woman really wants for sure; there are some tell tale signs that might help you figure out if she is merely looking for a fling or for a real long term commitment. One key disclaimer among others is to remember that no hints, no signals act as a positive consent for initiating sexual intercourse. These are merely signals for you to ask her out and see where things go from there. That obviously depends on the rapport, comfort levels and consent.