10 Sex Positions That Will Help Increase The Fun & Intimacy In Bedroom


Intimacy shared between partners is often taken to the next level in the bedroom. And one of the sexiest things about intimacy is how contagious and rough it could get in bed. Clawing your partner’s back can help increase the rage which they will reciprocate in their actions leading to a heightened sexual experience for both of you.

But after some time every chill will start to fade away with the passion you and your passion share with each other. This will be the moment when you think that you had already fallen in love with her but now she has gone as the fun has ended and you couldn’t express your feelings for her. So how can you indicate her that you’ve fallen for her?

Sex is the key to many unopened locks. Couples fall into the monotonous zone when it comes to sex that really should to be stirred up every once in a while to make it interesting and keep it going. But with the stress of the daily and busy lives, it’s easy to get caught up in vanilla sex meaning that, sometimes we don’t put the effort in to make the most of our partners.

Small things (pun intended) like looking into each other’s eyes can make a huge difference (pun intended, again). It establishes a mutual connection on an emotional level which can heighten the pleasure of climaxing.  So if you want to jazz things up in the bedroom and show her how much you REALLY love her, then read on and thank us later!