Naked Woman Paraded Around Office to Boost Colleagues’ Morale


You know what’s a good way to boost office morale?  Treating everyone to a pizza.  You know what’s not a good way to boost morale?  Paying one of your employees to strip and parade naked around the office to cheer everyone up.  As ridiculous as it sounds, it actually happened recently in Warsaw, Poland.  Not surprisingly, her coworkers had their iPhones ready, and footage of the embarrassing incident was uploaded immediately.  Um, HR?

Source: Rebel Circus

The morale booster

Here’s an image of the young woman walking around in front of her colleagues. It’s safe to assume that her boss is among them, the person who paid her to undress in front of everyone.

Source: Rebel Circus

Back to work

After she finished walking around, she got dressed and returned to work, reportedly. It’s unknown if office morale was boosted or not.

Source: Rebel Circus

Flipped the bird

At one point, she flipped her coworkers the bird. They responded by cheering.

Source: Rebel Circus


Footage of the escapade was posted online shortly after. She reportedly quit her job a few days later.

Source: Tenor

Wolf of Wall Street

To be honest, the entire thing sounds like a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street. Utter chaos and excess.

Source: Tenor

Call center

Different sources have stated that the incident occurred at a sales firm. Others stated that it was a call center. Either way, apparently it’s an office where motivation is a key factor to success.

Source: Tenor


Maybe HR laws are a little more laid back in Poland. This sort of stunt probably wouldn’t fly in the US.

Source: Tenor

Strange ways to get fired

It’s unknown if the young woman’s boss faced any repercussions in connection with the incident. Hopefully, his supervisor had a word with him about inappropriate office behavior.

Source: Tenor

Actual reasons people have been fired from Walmart

There is a database that compiles true stories of Walmart employees being fired for unusual reasons. In one instance, a Walmart employee posted a joke about the company on his MySpace page. That was enough to give him the boot.

Source: Tenor

Other reasons

One Walmart employee was fired for recording his coworker’s phone calls. Another reportedly chased a shoplifter through the parking lot.

Source: Tenor

Diary of a flight attendant

A woman who was previously employed as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines was fired after company representatives saw her blog, entitled “The Diary of a Flight Attendant.” Apparently, the blog featured an image of the woman leaning over in her uniform, showing a little cleavage and the lace front of her bra. Evidently, that’s enough to get you fired. The airline let her go, stating that she was not a good representative of the company.

Fired for winning

A high school basketball coach was fired after his team defeated another school 100-0. The losing team was apparently composed of girls with dyslexia and various learning disabilities. The school, which is apparently religious, let the coach go because his behavior was not Christ-like.

Source: Tenor

Fired for being attractive

A dental hygienist was reportedly fired for being too sexy and wearing scrubs that were too tight. As it turns out, the dentist who fired her was following an order from the boss…his wife. He wound up getting in trouble for wrongful termination. Apparently, you can’t just fire someone just because your wife is jealous.

Source: Tenor

Fired for repeating a Seinfeld joke

An Ohio man was reportedly let go after he repeatedly kept saying “you are so good looking” every time a person sneezed, an obvious reference to the show. Evidently, it wasn’t so obvious to his coworkers, and he was let go for sexual harassment.

Source: Tenor

Fired for a Gangnam Style parody

A group of lifeguards were all fired after a video of them performing “Gangnam Style” surfaced online. Apparently, they were wearing their official uniforms (we’re assuming…trunks?) and the video was shot at a private pool. So, the group of lifeguards got thrown out of the pool for good.