Teen Girl Booted From Prom Because All The Dads Couldn’t Stop Staring


Prom is one of the most amazing and important life events there is for a teenager. It’s supposed to be a night of warm memories and fun with friends. And if you’ve been home-schooled, then the night would naturally be a pivotal moment for celebration and camaraderie. Clare Ettinger of Richmond, VA, however, had that moment ripped away from her when she was booted and kicked out of her own prom.


As 17-year-old Clare and her boyfriend James Thompson made their way to a home school prom, themed “Twilight in Paris,” they were thrilled for the night ahead of them. They felt good, they looked great, and they were ecstatic to finally unwind with friends. Her boyfriend had even purchased them tickets to the prom way in advance. Nothing, they thought, could take this night away from them.