35 Funny Wedding Photos That Will Make You Ask Why

Some of the funniest wedding photos that will amaze you.


Funny Wedding Photos, this isn’t something quite difficult to understand. Photos tend to capture our most cherished memories and they do it quite well. Be it the most tender moments like the birth of a child or be it the most hilarious moments like these funny wedding photos.

One’s wedding is quite arguably the best day of one’s life, at least for most people. We’re sure that for these people also, their wedding day was the best and the most hilarious day of their lives.

If not on that day, they’ll surely be laughing when they look at their wedding photos for the rest of their happily married lives, well, hopefully.

Weddings are sensitive when it comes to awkward incidents. Though it may seem hilarious in the movies, some situations are best left to movies otherwise it can offend certain people, mostly brides.

On the other hand, grooms are quite sport about certain jokes or situations so long as it doesn’t embarrass them. If it does, it can make them quite angry too.

Some of these seem like they’ve been pulled straight out of a Hollywood movie or a TV show with hidden cams or the ones where people send in their videotapes and photographs for the whole wide world to see some of their most embarrassing moments or the ones of their ones.

Enjoy these wonderfully captured beautiful and funny moments from various weddings.