Demi Rose Showed Off A Little Too Much – Wardrobe Malfunction


When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, each one has their own way of dealing with it. Normal everyday people don’t have to face with these situations often and hence, are not accustomed to it. It is, therefore, fair if they react to it surprisingly. Celebrities on the other hand are eye catchers and head turners. They are the center of attention wherever they go. They also are faced with awkward wardrobe situations quite often. Some may say it is done to invite the media attention, while, others may call it, ‘an occupational hazard.’ Celebrities have a certain way of dealing with certain situations in which a normal person may panic with a certain panache.

They have body image confidence and flair that allows them to be bold and beautiful. They don’t act flabbergasted or get bamboozled when faced with a nip slip or coochie coochie ooh. Demi Rose is yet another such celeb who wore a dress that some people would like to call a questionable decision at the launch party of SIXTY6 magazine. Though it wasn’t the first time that the ’95 born model had put herself on display and turned every head in the venue.


Source: wittyfeed

Demi is no new comer to the industry and knows how to catch people’s attention. This is only one of her many such instances of showcasing her absolutely fit bikini body. She is flaunting her beach ready stomach and body on the cover of Ibiza magazine (September 2017). Here, she is carrying off a grey and black bikini, and carrying, she is quite well. No doubt about that.