Hilarious Dad Imitates Daughter’s Insta Pics

Look how this dad trolls his daughter's insta pics!

Dad Imitates Daughter
Dad Imitates Daughter


Usually, when a girl uploads a selfie the series of events that follow are that she gains a ton of followers, okay, not a ton but still a significant number, a couple a hundred likes with comments like “#GOALS”, “HAIR!”, and so on, and so forth.

The parents have also adapted well to the trends of their millennial kids. Sometimes, parents embarrass them but this dad goes one step ahead in doing so.

1. ALL NATURAL! This is one nature loving dad-daughter duo!

Dad Imitates Daughter

While it is perfectly commonplace and normal for girls and young women to pose like this and upload selfies to Instagram. It is certainly quite unusual for grown men to do so! Perhaps he’ll make this the new normal.