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What a year has it been, with ups and downs and real gob smacking twists and turns. 2017 has been one fantastic year when it comes to hitting highs and lows (see: bitcoin). It is the very year that Prince Harry (needs no introduction) and Meghan Markle (who plays the role of Rachel Zane on USA Network’s Suits) announced their engagement and are to be married in 2018. Meghan Markle will become a Duchess by his marriage to Prince Harry. The value of Bitcoin (BTC, a crypto currency that works on the block chain technology) was not the only thing that bounced. We are going to look at some of the best bounces of 2017 as we move forward into a great 2018. (Click here to check out: The Best Things That Bounced in 2017).

Accidental up-skirt moments happen and they are nothing to laugh about or are they. Wardrobe Malfunctions aren’t anything new or fresh but they do boost the morale. Especially, in the age of social media when anyone and everyone can see these via the various apps like Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, etc. Wardrobe Malfunctions are common in Hollywood and on the red carpet but they also happen with regular everyday folks from around the world who can’t help but being captured on film. Some of these are quite amazing while some are simply hilarious and lol worthy as the millennials say. (Click here to check out: 50 Pervy Accidental Upskirt Moments – OOPS).

It is without a doubt that a woman’s most attractive feature, her most titillating body aspect, most mind blowing asset is her smile. No we are not kidding. It is indeed her smile. But, her boobs also play a very important role in attracting men. It has been proven scientifically that it is evolution that has kept men interested in woman with great breasts as they are a sign of good health and good genes. It is therefore only obvious that the first time or maybe the second time or maybe even the third time a man looks at the woman he is most definitely looking at her tits. They not only have sex appeal and the power to control the whole opposite sex but they are also a source of nourishment and food. It is therefore only common sense that men like good mams, ones that can take care of both, him and the children. (Click here to check out: 60+ Drool Worthy Pics of Man’s ‘Breast’friends).

Camel toes are not just a body part on the body of camels. They are also a thing of attention in the new media. They are more than just a body part. They are a trend, a fad, something that catches the eyes of everyone – men and women alike. But since the world’s population comprises largely of men, it is female camel toe’s that get more limelight and so it shall be. Women are far more beautiful and superior than men. If it is anyone who deserves this limelight, it is women. They are often seen as negative but in the past few years the point of view of looking at them has changed, they are now more than just a wardrobe malfunction. They are a status symbol. They have become a living thing in themselves. It is because of all the attention that people have started seeing them in a positive light. (Click here to check out: 75 Accidental Celebrity Camel Toe Appearances – OOPS).

Christmas is the best time of the year – good food, good drinks, good people all around you. It is also the coldest time of the year, in order to warm you up, we have got more than 100 pics of hot, sizzling woman who will not only get you all hot and bothered but will also help bring you up if you are feeling a little down about not getting what you wanted this Christmas. Get ready to get into that holiday spirit with our list of this year’s most beautiful and hottest little things (in no particular order of ranking). Santa surely wouldn’t mind having these women as his little helpers, to be honest, no one would, rather they would wood! Haah, erection pun! You surely didn’t see that one cumming. Neither would you see when you do. Fair warning, keep tissues close. Pics are pretty hot and steamy, see them all for a very merry Christmas and try not to cream your pants! Tell us in the comments so far you could reach. (Click here to check out: 100+ Christmas Babes That Santa Would Want As His Helpers!).

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