10 Reasons why men cheat on their partners


Relationships are a really tough thing to handle if the companion is not sensible and open minded. It gets tougher when the girl gets obsessed with it and seeks nothing else than the guy. From kisses, sex and relationships everything dissatisfy the girls sometimes making the guy a horn-dog; BUT this title is not for every man. Sometimes the man feels to be in heaven around their girl but sometimes they  just don’t wish to even be near them. They seek for external love at those times. What could be the reason? Is she not pretty and understanding or not loving him? Well, there are many ways to find out why they do it.Okay, imagine that you are making out and suddenly he gets a text and he leaves? Wait, WTF was that? Sometimes it could be possible it was an urgent meeting and secondly would be possible he got someone to meet and that too could be a second girl in his life. I am not making you feel terrible just warning you because it could break you and we do not want that. I personally want to let everyone know the facts about why men cheat on their girl. It can be complicated but you will get answers and it can be sorted out. Trust me.